Innovation funding & tax relief with foresight – not hindsight – to maximise your growth

Successful innovation requires forward-thinking and so does innovation funding and tax relief. We work with you as you embark on new projects – not after – to maximise the non-repayable capital you can claim. We’re passionate about helping you – and the economy – continually grow through innovation.


If you want to check if you qualify for non-repayable, innovation capital or if you’re currently looking into what you can claim, we’re happy to help.

    Invo are just real. Real but with confidence – not pushy or showy. They didn’t over-promise saying we can definitely get you this or that. They asked me to provide them with certain information before they came back with an initial assessment and we signed.
    Andrew Porteous
    Electrical Distribution Solutions
    I was introduced to Invo Capital who came into my business and took an active role. They talked with me about my plans ahead of time and created a great strategy. I found that, if planned appropriately, my new composite door repair process development could qualify for cash back by slightly altering my aims to meet the HMRC guidance.  This entailed experimentation being undertaken to find optimum materials and construction technique parameters.
    I have used the money to hire several new staff members, my revenue has increased since partnering with Invo Capital, and we have won business on the back of our R&D projects because we are different.  Thanks to Invo Capital we have a deeply embedded R&D culture which is low risk thanks to the funding. I feel like we are back on track and destined for success.
    Ryan Tetley
    Director of Magnum Opus Ltd

    Invo Capital’s approach is very different to our previous experience of claiming R&D.  Their focus is on strategising to maximise future access to funding.  They said it, and I believe that they want to see us grow as a company.  Through a straightforward collaboration, we have achieved lucrative R&D tax credit claims and developed a strategy to secure and exploit new intellectual property rights, enabling us to invest in future development to further grow our business.
    Robin Hall
    Director of Quadrabuild Ltd

    Our journey with Invo Capital is one that has been handled with real care and professionalism. Their active approach has secured our company a very beneficial R&D tax credit claim. We are now collaborating with the team to develop an innovation strategy that will enable us to invest in future development. I would recommend Invo Capital to any company looking to make an R&D claim, and especially those who aim to grow their business through innovation.
    John Thornton
    Director of Drynks Unlimited
    From our initial meeting with Invo Capital, our subsequent journey was handled with real professionalism with Neenam and Rob going that extra mile. I remain hugely impressed with the team at Invo Capital and would recommend them without hesitation to any business owner considering R&D Tax benefits.
    Scott Wallace
    Director of Smart Systems Scotland