How to claim Innovation Growth Capital & R&D tax relief to fund your growth

Innovation can be risky and hard – and funding it can be just as challenging and difficult. It can often be one of the biggest barriers that stands between your innovation idea or proof of concept and getting it to market.

The government offers SMEs up to 33% of qualifying R&D projects returned in cash (even if your project isn’t successful)

The government is actively seeking more R&D tax relief claimants because they see the value in innovation. And so do we at Invo Capital and the Energy Innovation Centre (EIC).

28 July 2020
11:00 – 12:00 BST

In our joint innovation funding webinar on Tuesday 28th July we’ll help simplify how to access the government’s non-repayable, innovation cash incentives that can help you continually innovate and grow – for the R&D work you’re already doing (even if it doesn’t succeed).

We’ll cover

  • What qualifies for R&D tax relief and the key test that simplifies it
  • Why EIC innovators are more likely to qualify for innovation funding*
    (* this also applies to most innovators working towards any industry innovation funding call)
  • A simple walk-through of how R&D tax relief applies for different business structures
  • Why the standard “year-end approach” to R&D tax relief can results in huge losses and potential qualification risks
  • Proactive strategies that help achieve maximum tax relief

Invo Capital’s approach is very different to our previous experience of claiming R&D.  Their focus is on strategising to maximise future access to funding.  They said it, and I believe that they want to see us grow as a company.  Through a straightforward collaboration, we have achieved lucrative R&D tax credit claims and developed a strategy to secure and exploit new intellectual property rights, enabling us to invest in future development to further grow our business.
Robin Hall
Director of Quadrabuild Ltd

Our journey with Invo Capital is one that has been handled with real care and professionalism. Their active approach has secured our company a very beneficial R&D tax credit claim. We are now collaborating with the team to develop an innovation strategy that will enable us to invest in future development. I would recommend Invo Capital to any company looking to make an R&D claim, and especially those who aim to grow their business through innovation.
John Thornton
Director of Drynks Unlimited
From our initial meeting with Invo Capital, our subsequent journey was handled with real professionalism with Neenam and Rob going that extra mile. I remain hugely impressed with the team at Invo Capital and would recommend them without hesitation to any business owner considering R&D Tax benefits.
Scott Wallace
Director of Smart Systems Scotland