Successful innovation requires foresight, vision and pivots. We’re the only consultancy that does the same.

Our unique approach prevents you from losing out on non-repayable capital you could have claimed. We help you make simple, real-time changes that qualify you in, whilst still meeting your commercial goals.

Hindsight’s not a wonderful thing for innovation tax relief

They say that fortune favours the brave. Yet the standard approach for claiming R&D tax credits and Patent Box tax reliefs doesn’t.

Normally, a consultant will come and see you, look at your prior accounting period and determine what activities and expenditure qualify.

This has a number of drawbacks for SMEs

All of this results in:

20-25% average lost tax relief or funding

Our proactive, “big picture” approach to innovation relief and funding

We work with you at the outset of new projects – and as they develop – so that their structure and goals ensure maximal funding. We look at all of the available sources in harmony.

With our proactive approach and involvement on the R&D Consultative Committee, you can afford to take more calculated risks, safe in the knowledge that your activities will qualify now – and in the future.

RECEIVE TAX CREDITS for previous innovation
QUALIFY FOR MORE with small pivots to future projects
RECEIVE MORE CAPITAL for your latest innovations
GROW FASTER – Innovate more
RECEIVE MORE CASH – Access more opportunities


Do you meet innovation relief and funding eligibility for future projects?

We look at whether your past and future projects qualify for the full range of innovation funding available – from innovation grants to R&D tax relief or Patent Box relief.

We take a holistic approach to all available sources, as claiming one can mean you are then ineligible for more beneficial claims.


Can you pivot your project aims or restructure them to qualify for more whilst still meeting your commercial goals?

We assess if any changes to your projects could result in an innovation advance that entitles you to more funding or relief. If so, we instruct a competent industry professional to visit you to determine what can be done and analyse whether it’s beneficial for you. We also look at your company and project structure and whether minor changes – such as compartmentalising projects or using subcontractors – opens up more avenues for funding or tax relief.


We become embedded in your R&D process.

We work alongside your R&D process or help you establish one if it doesn’t exist. That way, we’re always aware of when you embark on any new projects or if your goals have changed. We then repeat the process to help you benefit more. We also simplify your accounting to make it easier to extract the information, leaving you to get on with business.


Submitting your claim.

We compile the technical reports and expenditure summary for you, leaving you to get on with the projects at hand. We submit these and deal with any correspondence. You’ll then typically receive your cheque within _______ weeks.

You don’t pay unless your claim is successful

We’re confident in our process and success rate and so we don’t charge anything for claiming tax relief until the HMRC has released the cash relief back to you.

Invo are just real. Real but with confidence – not pushy or showy. They didn’t over-promise saying we can definitely get you this or that. They asked me to provide them with certain information before they came back with an initial assessment and we signed.
Andrew Porteous
Electrical Distribution Solutions

Invo Capital’s approach is very different to our previous experience of claiming R&D.  Their focus is on strategising to maximise future access to funding.  They said it, and I believe that they want to see us grow as a company.  Through a straightforward collaboration, we have achieved lucrative R&D tax credit claims and developed a strategy to secure and exploit new intellectual property rights, enabling us to invest in future development to further grow our business.
Robin Hall
Director of Quadrabuild Ltd

Our journey with Invo Capital is one that has been handled with real care and professionalism. Their active approach has secured our company a very beneficial R&D tax credit claim. We are now collaborating with the team to develop an innovation strategy that will enable us to invest in future development. I would recommend Invo Capital to any company looking to make an R&D claim, and especially those who aim to grow their business through innovation.
John Thornton
Director of Drynks Unlimited
From our initial meeting with Invo Capital, our subsequent journey was handled with real professionalism with Neenam and Rob going that extra mile. I remain hugely impressed with the team at Invo Capital and would recommend them without hesitation to any business owner considering R&D Tax benefits.
Scott Wallace
Director of Smart Systems Scotland

If you want to check if you qualify for non-repayable, innovation capital or if you’re currently looking into what you can claim, we’re happy to help.

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