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See how our clients have used innovation tax reliefs and patents to increase their R&D, drive growth and capture market share.

“Invo has a heart in what they’re doing. They care about their clients and listen to you and your vision to know what you want to achieve in the future. They also see the value of driving innovation for the future as it helps everybody.

We have a kind of partnership. We both recommend different business practices and talk about how other industries are doing things. We chat about the future and how we’ll adapt. It’s about both companies helping each other out.

With R&D tax credits, I know that I’ll have x amount of pounds coming back in, so I’ve got the ability to do more R&D – or even help run my business or put money back into it. But for me, if it takes three months to do something and I get £5,000 it’s not worth me doing. Rob and Neenam have a way of doing things, where it takes just a couple of days’ work and it’s all done at their end.”

Marc Fenwick
CEO & Founder

“I decided to work with Invo’s as their business manner is relaxed, not pushy. You just know that they’re solid. On the technical aspects, Rob is very knowledgeable but he’s able to impart it to you in your language. He respects that you’re not experts. I was sceptical as to whether it would be worth my time but I was delighted with the end result.

Every day is a school day for Eddie and I. We wanted to know if it was a one-off exercise or it could be ongoing. We now understand what qualifies for R&D. Invo also helped us set up our accounting system so that it’s easier to claim.

We reinvested the R&D tax relief into marketing and more product development. I’ve expanded the capability of my IoT smart compliance device and managed to secure external investment for this project. With this, I hope to make everyone aware of the silent killer, carbon monoxide, and save lives.”

Billy Mitchell
Managing Director
Smart Compliance

“It was Invo’s passion for innovation that made us want to partner with them. They support businesses in a way that keeps the cogs of innovation turning.

It’s also essential that we can trust our partners to deliver. They need to understand what our community is trying to achieve and make them feel supported, as many are small inventors just starting out. Invo understands the technology and has the expertise, but most importantly, they know how to translate that to our community. 

We know that Invo will work with our innovators side-by-side in partnership. Instead of the usual end-of-year structure to R&D tax relief and funding, they know where to look and grasp the full picture.

Invo is flexible to meet the changing needs and plans of our community, offering a bespoke, quick and light approach compared with others.”

Craig Sapio
Company Secretary and Deployment Workstream Lead
Energy Innovation Centre

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