We help you innovate faster for the benefit of us all

Innovation benefits society at a whole, so you deserve a consultancy that shares your foresight and passion for exploring new possibilities.

A new standard

When working for one of the UK’s largest R&D tax relief consultancies we saw first-hand that there were flaws in the industry-standard “year-end” approach to claims. It rewards the “business as usual” activities of larger companies, instead of the brave.

We therefore left to set up a consultancy that would change that. We work with you as you begin new projects, not just after, to maximise what you can claim, innovate faster and create more impact. We don’t stop at tax relief, either, but look at the whole innovation support landscape for you.


Our mission

We may be a country known for its gloomy skies but we’re home to creative and curious minds that help drive the economy, create opportunities and benefit society.

We’re on a mission to help businesses and the UK grow through innovation by accessing as much non-repayable capital to do so.

Our track record

  • Our average first-year claim for R&D is circa £30k.

  • Strong HMRC relationship and involved in the HMRC’s R&D Consultative Committee
  • We’ve collectively overseen more than £150 million in R&D tax relief claims for clients.
  • £1 million in funding claimed for our clients since launching in
  • Large specialist R&D consultancy expertise at senior management and director level
  • 99.5% success rate

  • Influenced board-level behaviour change

  • Introduced clients to innovation facilitators

Meet The Team

Invo may be near the beginning of their journey but their expertise isn’t. You’ll benefit from the wealth of expertise they bring from senior and director-level roles at one of the UK’s largest innovation tax relief consultancies, Catax. Rob Allen also sits on the R&D Consultative Committee hosted by the HMRC, so they can help you prepare for possible future changes. Together, they’re a well-balanced team of operational, management and technical expertise.

Luke Sampson
Managing Director

I’ve worked in the industry for six years,. In my last role at Catax I quickly progressed through to Head of Operations in just four years, where I was responsible for profitability, quality excellenceand training all new consultants.

Robert Allan
Technical Director

I’ve worked in the industry for over 10 years and was the Technical Lead at Catax, where I was responsible for final sign-off and quality excellence.

Neenam Wilcock
Operations Director

Neenam has worked in the industry for the last four at Catax, gaining rounded managerial, technical and operational abilities at a senior level. She rapidly Rapidly progressed through roles to Technical Operations Manager.

Andrew Copping

I’ve been in professional practice for over 35 years, advising SMEs in all areas of their financial affairs. I am passionate about the people and clients I work with – you will certainly not get ‘accountant-speak’, rather language you will be familiar with and understand. Friendly, experienced, sensible yet commercial advice on a wide range of tax and accounting matters.

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