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Our truly proactive approach helps you innovate faster, with less risk – leaving you to create more value and seize more opportunities.

R&D Tax Credits
Patent Box Tax Relief
Innovation Funding & Grants
R&D Tax Credits

R&D Tax Credits

If you’ve attempted to create new or improved products, processes, devices, materials or services we help you uncover whether it can qualify for R&D tax relief credits.

We then work with you strategically going forwards to see whether you can make small changes in your structure or goals to qualify for more tax relief, while still meeting your commercial goals.

  • 75% of eligible SMEs are missing out on R&D tax relief

  • Claim back to 33% of qualifying expenditure

  • 20-25% average R&D uplift through our proactive approach vs the usual year-end approach

Patent Box Relief

  • 10% reduced corporation tax on patent income

  • Tax relief lasts up to 20 years

  • Costs vs benefits analysis for patent application

If you qualify for R&D tax credits, then we will always explore whether your activity could be eligible for patent protection and Patent Box relief.

It’s a potentially lucrative, long-term source of tax relief. The question is whether the additional cashflow and patent exploitation will benefit you commercially, so we perform a cost vs benefits analysis to help you decide.

If it’s worthwhile, we then put you in touch with one of our carefully selected Patent Attorney partners to ensure your patent has the best chance of success.

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Patent Box Relief

Innovation Grants and Funding

  • Just 8% of SMEs have ever used a Growth Hub*

  • £25,000 to £500,000 typical innovation grant amount

  • Energy Innovation Centre partner

The problem is, most SMEs don’t know where to begin or how to apply, and what you claim may negatively impact more lucrative funding or tax relief options.

We look at the bigger picture for you and advise you on which grants, funding and support options you may be entitled to. We will then put you in touch with partners that can help, eliminating what can be a stressful process for many SMEs.

*Source: The UK Longitudinal Small Business Survey: SME Employers, UK- 2019

We help you access more free cash flow and specialised expertise by exploring options such as:

  • Free government grants and funding

  • Grants that match your own investment

  • Access to testing and demonstration facilities

  • Proof of concept help

  • Bid writing help

  • Business mentorship


Check what non-repayable cash incentives and support you may be entitled to

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